Theology and Climate Change


Join us for the second of a series of Conversation that Make a Difference. We will be exploring how our faith and beliefs can inform our engagements with public issues.

For our second converstation David Karoly (UniMelb), Ian Barnes (St Judes), and You will be discussing the intersection of theology and climate change.

How bad is the climate crisis? Why is Australia struggling to act? What practical steps can we take in response?

There is no doubt we face an environmental catastrophe. We will examine the philosophical and theological values that mark our engagements with the environment. Explore the contours of the problem, the understandings that limit our collective response, and together suggest paths forward. The conversations that make a difference are the ones we engage in and learn from.

Meal Provided

For more information contact:
Matt Julius – 0402 739 407


David Karoly is Professor of Atmospheric Science in the School of Earth Sciences and the ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate Science at Melbourne University. He is interested in both the scientific and social concerns that feed into climate change.

Ian Barns worked as a Senior Lecturer in Ethics and Technology Policy at Murdoch University in Perth. He now resides in Melbourne, and explores theology in conversation with contemporary issues.

For more information on theological responses to climate change head over to the Australian Religious Response to Climate Change (ARRCC) website:

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